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MS21076-Nut, Self-Locking, Plate, Two Lug

LubricantDash No.EyeletGPNMPNUOMPriceQty.Action
Dry Film Lube4No ( H )MS21076L4HMS21076L4HEA$0.00
Dry Film Lube5No ( H )MS21076L5HMS21076L5HEA$0.00
Silver Plate04No ( H )MS21076 -04HMS21076 -04HEA$0.00
Silver Plate06No ( H )MS21076 -06HMS21076 -06HEA$0.00
Silver Plate08No ( H )MS21076 -08HMS21076 -08HEA$0.00
Silver Plate3No ( H )MS21076 -3HMS21076 -3HEA$0.00
Silver Plate4No ( H )MS21076 -4HMS21076 -4HEA$0.00
Silver Plate5No ( H )MS21076 -5HMS21076 -5HEA$0.00
Dry Film Lube04Yes ( E )MS21076L04EMS21076L04EEA$0.00
Dry Film Lube06Yes ( E )MS21076L06EMS21076L06EEA$0.00
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