VMI-Vendor Managed Inventory Bin Stocking Programs

Global Fasteners is a leader in customized in house stocking programs in the North Texas Area. Let us bring our years of experience to bear in helping you develop your own program. Here are some of the many benefits that your company can be taking advantage of with a program like this.

  • Reduced costs and burdens on your purchasing staff. Once the list of items is compiled and the inventory amounts set your employees can turn their attention to more pressing matters. Assured, that we have your inventory needs in hand.
  • Assurance that you will always have your inventory on hand and near by. We manage lead times and shipping issues putting your inventory on our shelves ready for delivery should your production needs spike. We agree to always maintain a set quantity of each item.
  • Simplify Billing. Placing all your consumable items with Global Fasteners guaranties pricing and allows us to customize your program to fit your billing needs. Be it a blanket PO # or individual orders we can tailor our invoicing process to help streamline your payables.

  • Reduce Delivery Costs. Tired of paying high shipping costs for each consumable item you order? Let us pick up the inbound freight and deliver your product to your shelves bagged, labeled and ready to go.

  • Control Quantities. With our tailored programs you decide the bin quantities as well as the bag quantities. At Global Fasteners we bag the parts based upon your individual needs. Our custom packaging will list your part number and description reducing confusion and errors on the assembly floor.

  • Tracking and Reporting. Global Fasteners will issue complete usage reports on the schedule that you desire. With Global Fasteners you always know where you stand.

Let our professionals help you with your inventory needs. By building a program that will reduce purchasing costs, lower your inventory holding and delivery costs and increase your overall efficiencies.

What are you waiting for? Call today and have your company take advantage of the what Global Fasteners has to offer.

Contact Don Paul @ 214-340-6068 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Not in the North Texas area? Call Don about setting up an online or email program. We still keep your inventory on our shelves ready to go, bagged and labeled in the quantities you desire. You simply email the quantities needed each week or month and we will have them on the way the same day.